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1. Looking for stories from young nudists between 18-25 (make and female)
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4. Looking for stories of gay guys or girls growing up as nudists

Monday, August 4, 2008

What is it that makes nudism so fun and appealing to people?

What is it that makes people so happy and relaxed when their nude? The idea of nudists have always interested me and i always thought, why people would go out into public and beaches without wearing any clothes? Recently in the last few months i have been noticing that i really enjoy being nude. I don't know what it is about it, but i think its because in today's society its not the norm. When I'm naked i feel like a whole different person, maybe because I'm feeling the air all over my body and not restricted in clothes. There's no place around where i live to practice nudism so i mainly have to do it when I'm home and alone. I was curious how i would feel and how my body would react if i was nude in front of other people. So I found a nudist website which had a video chat room. So i went into the room and there were about 7 people in there at the time, men and women, of different ages. I took all my clothes off, set my cam up, and turned it. There i was naked for the whole room to see. In about 3 seconds, everyone was viewing my cam and they were giving me comments on my body and things like that. And i must say that i felt a lot different then i thought i would. At my age (21) i had the idea what would happen if i got an erection, well that didn't happen because we chatted about different things, not even really thinking about being there nude in front of the whole chat room.

If you have any similar stories as this or and story at all you would like to share, please email me at thenudistforums@yahoo.com and i would be happy to post them to the blog.